Founder of Serenity Brows Anna Ruci is a  professional permanent makeup artist who found passion in transforming people's faces. After discovering how much of a difference perfect set of eyebrows can make to a face, she fell in love with microblading, later discovering several other techniques.

She continuously strives for perfection in her work, and effortlessly adds her own personal spin to each style she creates, finding the ideal look for each client she works with.

She holds several Permanent MakeUp certifications in following techniques: microblading (manual method), powder  eyebrows (machine method), eyebrow architecture, lips permanent makeup, liner permanent makeup and eyelash extensions, as well as several certificates for infection control (blood born pathogens). 

Still learning and growing in her career, Anna enhanced her skill set by studying at the most prestigious Microblading Academy in the world, PhiBrows with Grandmaster himself Branko Babic. She surpassed her curriculum which demanded strict criteria and standards and obtained her PhiBrows Artist Certification. 

Attending workshops, seminars, and conferences on an annual basis, Anna is always up to date with the newest innovations and industry standards.